The Zenith Passage Archspire Rivers Of Nihil Alterbeast Fallujah Soreption First Fragment The Ritual Aura Abysmal Dawn Unhuman Severed Savior Odious Mortem Abhorrent Decimation Inanimate Existence The Faceless The Kennedy Veil Beyond Creation Obscura Katalepsy Rings Of Saturn Gorod The Black Dahlia Murder Vale Of Pnath Origin Spawn Of Possession Inferi Alustrium Skeletonwitch Abiotic Hour Of Penance Obscure Inverted Serenity Fleshwrought Algor Wrvth Ascension Hannes Grossmann Entheos Emeth Sky Written Xenocide Falls Of Rauros Cattle Decapitation Decrepit Birth Impureza Parallel Through The Eyes Of The Dead Weeping Birth Project46