Theatres Des Vampires Tiamat Moonspell My Dying Bride Paradise Lost Cradle Of Filth Amorphis Dimmu Borgir Dark Tranquillity Children Of Bodom Iced Earth Theatre Of Tragedy In Flames Soilwork Lacrimosa Crematory Opeth The Sins Of Thy Beloved London After Midnight Enthroned Type O Negative Tristania 69 Eyes Katatonia Elysion Emperor The Kovenant Dreaded Silence After Forever Borknagar Intestine Baalism Dead Souls Rising Mandragora Scream Red Aunts Awaken The Empire Diary Of Dreams Lycia Anathema Siebenbürgen Sirenia Forgotten Tomb Beseech Agathodaimon Austere The Gathering Lacuna Coil Immortal Dornenreich Marduk