Thy Art Is Murder Rings Of Saturn Within The Ruins Infant Annihilator Fit For An Autopsy Black Tongue Whitechapel I Declare War Aversions Crown Disfiguring The Goddess Conducting From The Grave Suicide Silence Rose Funeral The Air I Breathe A Night In Texas Slaughter To Prevail Carnifex Shadow Of Intent Acrania Within Destruction Signal The Firing Squad Born Of Osiris One More Victim Humanity'S Last Breath Angelmaker Vulvodynia Acacia Strain Veil Of Maya Enterprise Earth Emmure After The Burial Slice The Cake Job For A Cowboy Float Face Down Bodysnatcher Boris The Blade And Hell Followed With All Shall Perish Reflections Arcania The Contortionist The Holy Guile The Walking Dead Orchestra The Dialectic Behemoth We Are The End Fleshgod Apocalypse The Faceless Despised Icon