Vital Remains Suffocation Immolation Cryptopsy Cephalic Carnage Circle Of Dead Children Soilent Green Deeds Of Flesh Pyrexia Pig Destroyer Brodequin Premonitions Of War Decapitated Beyond The Sixth Seal Misery Index Deicide Incantation Agoraphobic Nosebleed The Monolith Deathcult Hail Of Bullets Macabre Demigod Gigan Baphomet Cancer Aeon Demilich Ouroboros Behemoth Le Scrawl Tuff Crew Monumental Torment Putridity Artificial Brain Crumbsuckers Disavowed Pyaemia Dew Scented Bodyfarm Thronar Timeghoul Gorgasm Candiria Scarab The Chasm Gorerotted Arkaik Lykathea Aflame Dark Age